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Could hydrotherapy/pool exercise be the best exercise for you?

Hydrotherapy has gained in popularity as people have realised the amazing benefits of this form of exercise, and it may be the perfect exercise for you if…

  • You have joint or back pain and exercises on land are too strenuous or they aggravate your pain

  • You haven’t exercised for a long time and would like to return to exercise gradually

  • You have had joint replacement surgery or other surgery and you want to build up your strength

  • You have arthritis or persistent pain

  • You would like to improve your fitness or strength as the classes can be graded from gentle to more challenging

  • You have a disability or balance problems, and land-based exercises are too difficult

Did you recognise yourself in any of the categories above? This is how the pool exercises could benefit you:

  • The pool allows the warmth of the water to relax your muscles and ease pain in your joints, making it much easier for you to exercise

  • The water supports your weight and takes the pressure off your joints relieving pain and increasing the range of movement in your joints

  • The water can also be used as resistance against your arms or legs to help improve muscle strength

  • Your cardiovascular fitness can be challenged in the water with a more demanding workout and more high tempo resistance exercises and deep water walking and running

  • Balance exercises with the support of the water allows you to improve your balance to reduce the risk of falls

  • Water has a calming effect which reduces stress

  • In the water you will be able to perform exercises you would not be able to outside of the water and so build strength and fitness

Floating dumbbells, pool noodles, kick boards and various other accessories may be used to enhance your workout. You could exercise in your own pool at home or join a group or private pool exercise class.

Hydrotherapy classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:30am.

If you would like to attend a private or group pool exercise class, please contact:

BellPlace Physiotherapy

(07) 5530 3411

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