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Orthopaedic surgeries include but are not limited to:
Joint Arthroscopy
Tissue Repairs (tendons, ligaments, connective tissue)
Internal or external fixations (pins, plates, rods, screws)
Spinal Surgeries (fusions, discectomy, laminectomy and more)
Joint Replacements (most commonly ~ hips, knees, shoulders, ankles)

Pre-Operative Program

Why is a pre-operative program important?
The physical condition of an individual prior to surgery has a direct correlation with the body's ability to withstand the stress of surgery. It is important to prepare your body by:

  • Regaining lost joint movement

  • Increasing strength locally and globally

  • Improve exercise tolerance

  • Consuming a healthy diet 

  • Having a good understanding of (1) what the surgery is trying to achieve, (2) complications and risk of surgery, (3) what to expect during your stay in the hospital, (4) how to manage your pain and limitations and, (5) post-surgical goals and timeframes

Physical and mental preparation will benefit you before and after your surgery. 

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

What happens after surgery?
After your surgery, you may have exercise restrictions to allow healing. You will also have physical goals to achieve within specific time frames which are aligned with tissue healing times. Our role is to guild you through these post-surgical protocols to ensure you are achieving these goals to enable you to return to your pre-injury activities and prevent any further complications that an arise post-surgery.

​Post-surgical protocols vary depending on the type of injury, type of surgery, joint(s) involved and the protocols provided from the surgeon; however, the goals of rehabilitation remain constant. 

What can we do for you?
At Bell Place Physiotherapy, we can guide you through the appropriate exercises in preparation for surgery. We can prepare you for the processes and expectations of your surgery. 
After your surgery, we can help you reach your goals of throughout your recovery process and as you return to your previous activities. 

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