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Can Physiotherapy help with long COVID?

What is long COVID?

If your COVID symptoms last for more than 12 weeks after a COVID infection, you are considered to have Long Covid.

Common symptoms that persist post covid are:

· Shortness of breath

· Chest pain or tightness

· Muscle and joint pain

· Difficulty sleeping

· Heart palpitations and dizziness

· Depression and anxiety

· High Temperature, cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste

· Stomach aches and diarrhoea

· Earaches and tinnitus

The most common symptoms that persist for more than 6 months are:

· Extreme fatigue

· Post exertional symptom exacerbation (PESE). Quite simply, this is disabling and often delayed exhaustion, which comes on after very little perceived effort. Sometimes the activity that can trigger the worsening of symptoms can be something as simple as a daily activity like a shower or a social activity.

· Problems with memory and concentration (Brain Fog)

How can Physiotherapy help?

A physiotherapist can help you to regain strength and function in your daily activities with expert guidance in the following areas:

· An individualised Exercise Program: Pacing is important, an exercise program should be tailored to build you up rather than set you back or exhaust you. Heart rate monitoring and consultation with other health care professions to work out what is causing your symptoms will ensure that your physio creates the best exercise program for you

· Breathing exercises and techniques: This will help with shortness of breath and help increase your lung capacity and aid in clearing excess phlegm which often builds up after chest infections related to covid

· Relaxation techniques: Your physio will incorporate relaxation techniques in your rehabilitation program which will help with mood and sleep issues

· Relief from muscle and joint pain: Physiotherapy can relieve muscle and joint pain with massage and gentle joint mobilisation

If you are still experiencing any of these symptoms post covid and would like physiotherapy help and guidance, contact us at Bell Place Physiotherapy (07) 5530 3411

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